Music, Rhythm and Movement: 

The most appealing musical element to young children is rhythm and the natural response to rhythm is movement. Therefore, the body is the child’s first instrument through which the rhythms of music are reflected and interpreted. We encourage children to tap to the music’s beat by using rhythm sticks and to creatively move their bodies as they interpret various types of music.


We provide children with a wide array of art materials that are available in the classroom starting on the first day of school. In keeping with the Montessori philosophy, art materials are introduced to the children over a period of time to encourage success and to model taking care of the materials in a respectful manner. 

Our art program emphasizes the concept of “process over product”, where “process” refers to the child’s actual work of learning and “product” refers to a material result. This concept communicates to the child that it is she who is important, rather than what she is able to produce. The true rewards of a child’s efforts include his sense of discovery, his own delight at accomplishment and the integration of muscle, mind and emotion, which is the creative process.

• Benefit of yoga for kids:

 • Yoga is non-competitive.

 • Yoga teaches self-acceptance.

 • Namaste: The light in me sees the light in you.

 • Yoga encourages healthy habits.

 • Focus. Focus. Focus.

 • Yoga teaches calming techniques.   

 • Children learn self-awareness through yoga.      

 • Yoga supports positive mental health in children.