Program philosophy

Our program emphasizes learning through the use of concrete educational materials developed by Dr. Maria Montessori.  The primary goal of our “Home” is the development of the whole child, by assisting them in becoming independent, competent, and confident, with respect for the developing person in each child. The Montessori environment is divided into these main groups:

Practical Life: 

Many of the goals of preschool practical life are very important first step for further intellectual  learning as  well as physical and  social  emotional development. Typical preschool practical  life  activities that help develop fine motor skills and coordination, concentration and independence  are threading,  squeezing,  scooping,  stirring  and pouring, to name  a few. Practical life activities also include care of self and the environment. Examples of this include: sweeping, polishing, setting the table, buttoning  and more.


Preschool sensorial activities work on size, form and color discrimination.    

Matching and sorting activities also help children appreciate organization and structure used to create logical thinking.


Activities include the introduction of letters through visual and sound recognition. The use of songs, stories and poems enlighten your child to the joy he can experience through the written word. 

Children are given age appropriate activities to introduce concepts such as rhyming, sound recognition, and letter formation.


Preschool Montessori math curriculum is very concrete utilizing specific manipulative materials and activities to allow the child to go from simple one to one correspondence to numbers, quantity, decimal system and eventually adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.


In addition  to  the above  core curriculum, preschool children  also become  excited  about  geography, zoology, physical science, cultural studies, history, botany, foreign language,  art,  yoga, dance and music. 

Peace is another important aspect to the preschool Montessori classroom.  Children are taught early on about what it feels like to  be peaceful with themselves and  their friends.

Conflict/resolution is also done in a very  peaceful way. There is also time for daily outside play and gross motor activities inside during bad weather.