Our Ground Rules, Mission Statement

The teacher guide the children to care and help  one another.  By  creating  a setting  with mixed ages, we  teach through our actions how an older child  can help a younger child. When the younger child returns for his second or third year he can now provide help to new classmates. Creating a caring and respectful community is a key component of  the Montessori environment. When problems do arise we assist the child through conflict resolution.The adult acts as an active listener to reach a solution agreeable to both children. Consistency among the staff provides a reassuring model for children to learn safety and  social  boundaries.    

We at  Artemisia Montessori  Home strive to  adhere to the  philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to reach their full potential and be treated with  kindness and respect in his or her environment. We are dedicated to the preparation of the child for a life of academic achievement by providing a quality, personalized learning experience in a nurturing atmosphere. By valuing the spirituality and uniqueness of each individual and with gentle direction and guidance, we believe each child will progress with confidence.